How to Start Your Small Home-Based Bolo Tie Business

Bolo ties are astonishing with those ornamental clasps and rugged cords that make them look exotic and purely North American in origin. A recent surge in their demand can be attributed to unintentional promotion by Hollywood male celebrities.

The Ultimate Guide to Styling Custom USMC Bolo Ties

Picture this: you're getting ready for a formal event and want to add a unique style to your outfit. You've already picked out your suit, dress shoes, and accessories, but something seems missing.

How Bolo Ties Have Transformed Western Formal Wear

Before overt belt clasps from name brands came into fashion, bolo ties dominated the statement accessory field. People wore customized bolos as representations of their family, tribe, culture, or even work. Bolo ties have been the hallmark of western fashion and a necessary item for those looking to complete their cowboy ensemble.

3 Accessories to Pair Your Classic Western Tie with- A Guide for Carefree Women!

A western tie doesn't always have to be knotted in a man's neck. Since classic bolo ties which are the official necktie of Arizona, are not confined to western cowboys today, it can be said today that women can also experiment with western ties as they have with manly jeans, tuxedos, and ties.

4 Tips for Women to Accessorize Your Summer Looks with a Bolo Tie

There are a couple of reasons why we eagerly wait for spring to make way for summer - beach days, backyard barbecues, and most importantly, summer fashion. It is during these few months that dressing up every day seems like a breeze. After all, nothing screams effortless like t-shirts, shorts, breezy skirts, and sundresses.

Make Way for the New Chic Fashion Accessory - The Bolo Tie

Tired of the same old silk neckties? Or looking for chic neck accessories to style with just about any outfit? Hop on to the Bolo tie bandwagon to stand out from the crowd and make a remarkable style statement. Wondering whether a Bolo tie is for you, or not even sure what a Bolo tie is?

The Easiest DIY Gift Ever: BOLO TIES

Bolo ties, also known as bola ties, are a classic western accessory one around the neck by both men and women. It consists of a leather string or plaited cord with ornamental metal clips on the ends held by a decorative brooch. Bolo brushes frequently are of silver and decorated using precious stones such as turquoise.

Channel Your Inner Texan With Bolo Ties

If there's one accessory that embodies American spirit and ingenuity, it has to be a bolo tie. Practical, tough, and elegant, bolo ties essentially adorn a braided leather cord with decorative metal tips and secured with an ornamental clasp or slide and have seamlessly made their way into everyday fashion.

Exemplifying Western Style: Decoding Bolo Ties and Their Significance

If you were to visualize a cowboy look or an ensemble that epitomizes the western style of New Mexico, Texas, and Arizona, the look that would come to your mind would essentially include a flannel shirt with loose jeans, boots and the iconic cowboy hat.

Bolo ties: A Unique Accessory For Men and Women

Officially worn in Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico, bolo ties are greatly appreciated across the country. If you have recently come across Bolo ties, or you have been admiring them for ages and never wore one, that's alright.

Accessorizing the Double Denim Look with Bolos? Follow These Tips, Too

The denim on denim look never goes out of fashion, but getting it right can be a bit tricky. Ace it, and your OOTD will get you abundant compliments. Mess it up, and you end trying to pull off a double denim nightmare.

Perfecting The Art of Manliness with Native American Bolo Ties: Men Lookbook

From John Travolta in Pulp Fiction, Matt Bomer in White Collar, Bruce Springsteen in Tunnel of Love to Johnny Depp during his Lone Ranger premiere red carpet appearance, bolo ties have been donned by all iconic males who have been inspiring the attractive male scale since forever.

Rock These 4 Vintage Styles with Antique Bolo Ties for Sale

The cyclical nature of the fashion industry has done it again for the antique style. With the vintage-inspired pieces making a dashing comeback across everybody’s closet while keeping up with both sartorial and sustainable trends in fashion, many accessories, including the best bolo ties carrying a vintage twist, are now in demand.

The Texan Affair: Styling Tips For Bolo Ties

Who said bolo ties were obscure or a thing of a past? If anything, these ties are now making a stronger comeback that even The Wall Street Journal cannot stop raving about. If you are bored of those silk ties and want to experiment with your style, we think it’s time to add bolo ties to your wardrobe.

Planning a Western Themed Wedding? Here's How You Do It Right

Meticulous planning and a lot of effort go into a wedding. And you don't complain because your wedding day is special; you want to leave no stone unturned to make it even more memorable. For those soon to be brides and grooms who have a little country flair, wouldn't it be nice if you could incorporate the west into your wedding? If you think a cowboy dress code will be a little too much, we have a few classy ways to add western details to your big day!

A Woman's Guide to Wearing Bolo Ties with T-Shirts

Synonymous with Western American fashion since the early 1900s, bolo ties actually began as a Native American accessory. Today, they serve as a great statement piece for a fashionable and elegant western-inspired outfit. Practical and incredibly sturdy, this accessory, although traditionally associated with men's fashion, can be worn by women too.

4 "Not-So-Cool" Bolo Tie Ideas for Your Wedding

Bolo ties are unique. They are pretty much universal, and you don't have to put much thought into styling them. However, you can take a specific thing only too far. Now that it's your wedding, you will be more conscious and critical with your outfits as, like any other groom (or even a bride), you want to look perfect for your wedding.

Dressing Up Outfits With Bolo Ties: Some Tips For The Ladies

The American West's beautiful lands have given us so many things, and bolo ties happen to be among our favorites. If you share our love for vintage movies and cowboy fashion trends, you will always be ready to invest in another pair of bolos to add to your accessory collection.

How To Accessorize Your Outfits With A Bolo Tie

There is nothing like adding a few accessories to spice up an everyday look. Fashion accessories like bolo ties are pieces that are chosen to add the finishing touches to an outfit and elevate it to the next level.

Here's How You Can Show Your Patriotism This 4th of July

There are only a couple of months to the 4th of July, and we are already feeling the excitement. After all, we have been a free country for more than two centuries. Most people show their patriotism on July 4th by waving the Stars and Stripes and pledging allegiance to the nation. But there is more that you can do!

Bolo Ties, Always Fashion Police Approved

Are you bored of Windsor knots and silk ties? Try the bolo tie! You don't need to replicate John Travolta from Urban Cowboy, but you can adorn it to add some rugged Americana to your ensemble. There is no arguing the fact that this western wear is back, so let your neckties be, and pick up bolos! If you feel a little creative you can even make your own bolo ties. From bolo tie cords and strings to bolo tie clasps, we will supply you with everything that you need to make stunning ties.

How To Rock Bolo Ties: Tips For Women

There is really no reason why women can't get a jump on the bolo bandwagon! It can look as good on pretty ladies as it does on men. No wonder why stars such as Julia Roberts have been spotted wearing stunning bolo ties. A traditional men's turquoise bolo tie is made of a leather braided cord that has silver or metal ends.

Bolo Tie Care: 5 Things You Should Do to Take Care of Your Turquoise Bolo Tie

Handmade turquoise bolo ties are a thing of beauty, and are greatly valued for their intricate designs and fine craftsmanship. But over time, your tie can become tarnished or look discolored. There may also be instances when it is in need of repair, which is something that may be impossible for you to do without damaging the piece.

A Guide To Flaunting Bolo Ties At Weddings

Attending a wedding after a long, long time? Well, you are not alone. A lot of weddings got postponed because of the pandemic but now, they are making a comeback at last, with a limited number of guests, of course. Now that you have been invited to one, this definitely calls for a fashionable, smart wedding ensemble to make up for all the lost time!

Dos And Don'ts of Wearing A Bolo Tie

It's safe to say that the classic bolo tie — the official neckwear of Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico — is no longer restricted to western cowboys and has become the go-to accessory for both men and women. There is no doubt that it is having its moment under the global spotlight.

3 Stylish Ways to Wear Patriotic Bolo Ties

Back in the days, traditional ties were in demand and were widely worn by almost every other man across the globe. Lately, the fashion choice has been changing. Rather than the old-school ties, many are switching to bolo ties. It's a fashion statement now. We want to look good by presenting an appropriate fashion statement.

Four Stylish Ways To Flaunt A Bolo Tie

No, you don't have to be from texas in order to flaunt a bolo tie. This is one polarizing stereotypical mindset that bolo ties often face when it comes to presenting them as a style accessory. It definitely descended from the rocky southwest but these cultural ties have successfully carved their way into the mainstream commercial fashion.

Bolo Ties, Fashion Statement with Native American Roots

Adorning a bolo tie is akin to making a chic fashion statement. Walk into a room wearing an Indian bolo tie; you will be noticed by one and all. It is not just an accessory but also a great conversation starter. You can style it casually and ace the bolo look with formals. You can wear it to weddings and office meetings.

5 Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying Handcrafted Silver Concho Bolo Ties

Bolo ties have been in trend since the early 1900s. Though historians aren't sure where the bolo ties got the start, what we know is these beautiful and intricate pieces have been designed by Native American silversmiths.

How to Make Awesome Bolo Ties At Home

If you want to ace a western look consider including a bolo tie to your outfit. These ties go with both formal as well as informal wear and help you make a bold statement with your outfit that makes heads turn around as you walk by.

4 Myths about Buying Turquoise

Wearing a bolo tie is a never-ending trend. This stylish leather cord tie has been a part of fashion movements since the golden period and is still in high demand.

Bolo Tie: An Accessory for Every Mood

Bolo ties which also go by the name of 'shoestring necklace' have become a popular fashion accessory for men and women alike. Made of braided leather or a piece of cord, bolo ties come with decorative metal tips and are secured with the help of an ornamental clasp, often decorated with.

6 Native American Culture Symbols and Their Meanings

As you ruminate over Native American jewelry and arts, you will notice that their cultural roots dig deep in nature. The artwork often incorporates symbols of the sky, water, earth, fire, plants, animals, seasons, and weather. Many symbols, though, are used for aesthetic purpose, the majority carries deeper meanings.

Classic Vs. Casual Bolo Ties- How to Rock Each Style Effortlessly?

Have you ever seen one of your favorite celebrities sport a statement piece that made you go, "where can I get one of those? Where can I buy a bolo tie and a pinstripe double-breasted set?"; because if you have, we share the same inquisitiveness. Personalized bolo ties are absolutely stunning, especially if you know how to pair it right. Being one of the infamous vintage styles that have still stuck around, bolo ties today have an aura of elegance lingering around it. However, if you don't pair it the right way, you can end up making a bolo tie blunder.

5 Precious Stones in Use In Native American Jewelry and Bolo Ties

The significance of Turquoise in Native American Jewelry is already known to the world. However, it is not the only precious stone used by them. Many precious and semi-precious stones are extensively used by Natives to craft authentic jewelry and bolo ties. Not only this, they are often paired with this renowned stone for embellishment to bring out the magnificent finish.

Keeping it Casual with Bolo Ties

If you're keeping yourself abreast of the latest red carpet trends, you'd know how bolo ties made quite a comeback off-late. The recent red carpet galas saw some of the best bolo ties paired in with fitted tuxes and double-breasted suits which got us wondering- are bolos just a formal accessory? With a quick look into the trend-setting fashion logbook, we found out 5 perfect ways for you to pair your bolo tie with casual attire.

Bolo Ties: A Thing of Fashion for Men

It is amazing to witness the often-centralized bolo tie making way from its southwest roots to an everyday men's fashion accessory. It consists of a strap and an ornamental clasp that usually recalls southwest culture. Although bolo ties originated the style in the mid-20th century, they have now become a thing of fashion. With many celebrities like Pharrell Williams, Bruno Mars, Macklemore and Philip Rivers wearing them for numerous occasions; it's about time you too start looking for mens western bolo ties.

Significance of Turquoise in Navajo Culture

Natives and aboriginals around the world have always held turquoise in high regard mostly for spiritual reasons. The ancient Egyptians buried their pharaohs with turquoise encrusted jewelry, while the Persians considered the stone to be symbolic of victory and holiness. Traditionally, the Native Americans, including the Aztecs and Mayans, have associated turquoise with spiritual communication as well as good fortune and healing.

Add a Slice of the Midwest to Your Wardrobe with Bolo Ties

Wearing bolo ties is not a very recent phenomenon. The idea of using a toggle to securely tie a neck scarf has been in existence since the early 1900s. Even Native American tribes like the Hopi and the Navajo made their own bolo ties in the 1930s and 40s. However, even though the exact origin is not clear, according to some sources, this quintessential American accessory can be traced back to the 1940s when a silversmith in Arizona accidentally came up with it. Victor E. Cedarstaff had wrapped his hatband with a silver clasp around his neck, which lead to his friends complimenting his "new tie".