5 Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying Handcrafted Silver Concho Bolo Ties

Bolo ties have been in trend since the early 1900s. Though historians aren’t sure where the bolo ties got the start, what we know is these beautiful and intricate pieces have been designed by Native American silversmiths.

Before becoming a recognizable accessory, bolo ties were Native American’s pieces of jewelry. Besides bolo ties, folks have called the accessory by many names including neck ropes, cowboy ties, slide ties, and gaucho ties.

From Navajo bolo ties to Zuni bolo ties, handcrafted silver concho bolo ties are essential pieces to add to a jewelry collection. At Rocky Mountain Western, you’re introduced to distinctive bolo ties fashioned from old, authentic US silver coins.

If you’re new to the world of Native American handcrafted jewelry pieces and have little to no knowledge about buying bolo ties, here are a few tips that will surely help you.

Learn how to spot a fake piece of bolo

Whenever you make your mind to purchase bolo ties from the market, make sure you know to spot a fake, and especially when you’re interested in handmade pieces. Before trading a piece of silver-made jewelry embellished with turquoise, do your homework first on stones and metalwork. Many dealers mass-produce items and sell off their piece in the name of genuine Indian bolo ties.

Learn about the Native American background

You’re planning to buy handmade Native American bolo ties, you should know the background of different tribes like Zuni, Navajo, and Indian before you buy. Certain stones and silverwork are unique to a particular region and extremely important in their respective tribe. When you know about them, you can confirm from the dealer, the piece that you’re purchasing is authentic and made of natural material or not.

Learn to estimate the price

Even if you’re spending on a one-of-a-kind piece of the handmade silver concho bolo tie, you don’t want to overpay. When you know the different pieces, you can easily estimate the price and save yourself from going extravagant. It’s also suggested to buy only from trusted suppliers who never overcharge their customers.

Learn to take care of your bolo ties

Native American bolo ties are made of silver metals and different gems like turquoise, onyx, and more. Before you invest in such valuable pieces, understand the specific care and handling needs of each piece to prevent unwanted damage and discoloration.

Learn to repair your precious piece of jewelry

What would you do if the center stone of your bolo tie falls out? Would you discard your valuable without getting it repaired? Since you’ve invested in your bolo tie, you would wish to restore its beauty. At Rocky Mountain Western, you get complete supplies of different bolo ties parts that you can buy to repair your precious at home.

Whether you’re looking for Indian bolo ties, Zuni bolo ties, or Navajo bolo ties, we have a distinctive selection of Native American silver concho bolo ties. Each bolo tie is fashioned from an authentic silver coin, shaped and stamped, and hand-hammered to produce a completely unique piece of art.