There is really no reason why women can't get a jump on the bolo bandwagon! It can look as good on pretty ladies as it does on men. No wonder why stars such as Julia Roberts have been spotted wearing stunning bolo ties.

A traditional men's turquoise bolo tie is made of a leather braided cord that has silver or metal ends. It is weaved through a slide or a clasp that can be made of a variety of materials while the central focus remains a brilliant turquoise stone. Many bolo ties have clasps that are made of metal, wood, or beads and may have intricate Native American designs. Given their exotic, elegant look, these can immediately transform your everyday attire into an ensemble that turns heads!


But how do you actually mix and match bolo ties with your outfits? This can be pretty confusing. But not to worry; we have prepared a guide just for you!

Styling Bolo Ties

Have a casual, easy-going style? You will be pleasantly surprised to know that bolo ties will be perfect for you! Many people are under the impression that classic turquoise bolo ties are only meant for formal events such as weddings. But that's so not true! You can pull off a casual, comfy look by donning a loose bolo tie just like you would wear a necklace. Go for bolo ties with huge turquoise stones if you're wearing a simple knee-length dress. Or how about showing it off like a choker with your favorite off-shoulder top? That's bound to grab a lot of attention!

You can also consider pairing it with a denim jacket and a tank top underneath. For added ‘oomph', make sure that you get into your skinny jeans and cowboy boots! There you have it; not only is this style super-casual but the bolo tie brings the entire outfit together and also adds a bit of glamor to it.


The bolo tie is one of the most versatile, unique accessories out there. You can experiment with it to come up with different styles as per your mood. For instance, how about going for a classic denim-on-denim buttoned-up look with a bolo tie clasped all the way to your neck right underneath the collar? This look is for the times when you mean business. For a more carefree, bubbly look, we suggest leaving it loosely strung around your neck, paired up with a Bohemian dress or an unbuttoned shirt with a plain t-shirt underneath. A cowboy hat would be the icing on the cake!

Let your imagination and creativity run wild while accessorizing with men's turquoise bolo ties. Take your time to create different looks and flaunt ties with rare stones. However, do take the occasion into consideration while planning to flaunt your brand new bolos.

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