Black Onyx Bolo Ties
Black Onyx Bolo Ties

Before overt belt clasps from name brands came into fashion, bolo ties dominated the statement accessory field. People wore customized bolos as representations of their family, tribe, culture, or even work. Bolo ties have been the hallmark of western fashion and a necessary item for those looking to complete their cowboy ensemble with boots, hats, chaps, and spurs.

History of Bolo Ties

Bolo ties were invented by Victor Cedarstaff in Arizona. He got the idea for the necktie when somebody complimented the string, he was using to keep his hat in place while horse riding. Bolo ties are also referred to as shoelace ties, as the cord and cord tips resemble that of a shoelace. What makes the bolo tie unique and personal to the wearer is the decorative clasp. This clasp offers a lot of variety as people can choose different materials and designs depending on the occasion.

With different inlays, precious gems, logos, and symbols, the classic bolo type can be imbued with a lot more significance apart from its western look. Native Americans are known to use their bolo ties as the modern version of their traditional representative jewelry. Their culture is deeply rooted in nature, and their art, craft, and jewelry are all a reflection of that. Different symbols from nature can be used to represent different tribes or types of roles in a tribe, making them the perfect accessory as it adds to the outfit while still serving a function.

Bolo Ties in Modern Attire

You might be of the opinion that bolo ties belong in the world of cowboys and western films and have no place in the modern formal outfit. We are here to tell you that you would be completely wrong in this regard. Bolo ties in all of their western charm and uniqueness are making a comeback to shake up your norms about what formal attire consists of.

Even in their comeback, bolo ties still make one hell of a statement through your attire by adding a little pizazz to it. Thanks to their variety and timeless look, bolo ties need not necessarily be worn with formal clothing; they even work as a necklace and be paired with a simple t-shirt during summertime.

Rocky Mountain Western, based out of New Vernon, New Jersey, offers various types of bolo ties and bolo supplies. You can choose from a variety of stones and styles and even get customized bolo ties with a specific purpose in mind. They have a set of black onyx bolo ties which come in a number of different clasp styles, all with a deep black onyx stone embedded in them. Black Onyx has a lot of significance as it is considered to have protective qualities for the wearer and is considered especially advantageous when worn during travels.

If you are looking for a bolo tie featuring a black onyx stone, you should check out the various options put on sale by Rocky Mountain Western. You can choose from a variety of different stone and clasp types to suit your own style.