Bolo Tie: An Accessory for Every Mood

As you ruminate over Native American jewelry and arts, you will notice that their cultural roots dig deep in nature. The artwork often incorporates symbols of the sky, water, earth, fire, plants, animals, seasons, and weather. Many symbols, though, are used for aesthetic purpose, the majority carries deeper meanings. 

History of Bolo Ties

It was back in the 1940’s when bolo ties started becoming a fashion statement piece. The accessory was adorned across the entire Western United States from the early 1900s. Bolo ties, although, started as Native American neckwear, but went on to emerge as the most loved state neck accessory of Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico. Over the years, the tie has been given different names. So, if you hear someone talking about cowboy ties, neck ropes or slide ties, know that they are actually having a discussion about bolo ties!

Even before bolo ties gained recognition, most men in the Southwest were already adorning what we call the ‘scarf slide’. Native American silversmiths and jewelers are credited with creating some of the most unique, eye-catching and beautiful bolo ties with intricate designs and detailed silver work. The bolo tie efficiently symbolizes the rugged and relaxed nature of Western America.  

Ways To Wear A Bolo Tie

When it comes to wearing a bolo tie, you may choose from a couple of styles. Bolo ties are the perfect statement piece that adds an interesting edge to your otherwise regular outfit. Suggest western theme wedding bolo tie to your friend who is getting married soon. Trust us, this small piece of accessory is sure to turn some heads around and get the groom and his squad some awesome compliments. 

Here are 3 ways in which a bolo tie may be worn: The Classic Way

Bolo ties are traditionally worn with a collared shirt buttoned up to the top, like any other necktie. When you are wearing a bolo tie with a buttoned-up shirt, make sure to put on the right kind of shoes. We suggest you go with black shoes if wearing black pants and brown shoes in case you choose to put on colored pants. For a sophisticated and classic look, it is advisable to go with a black-tie with an all gold or all silver slide as well as tips. An important tip to own the bolo tie look is to wear it with confidence! 

The Casual Way

If you have a little laid back personal style, you may wear your bolo tie loosely around your neck for a casual look. These statement pieces come in different combinations and styles and may be worn with virtually anything. Some sellers even let you design your own bolo tie! When worn with a denim jacket and jeans, bolo tie gives the perfect casual look. Do not forget to put on your boots! Wearing it with a semi-buttoned up shirt also makes for a fun casual look.  

Choose Your Own Style Way 

You do not have to adhere to any strict rules when it comes to styling your bolo tie. Just choose a bolo that matches your personality and you are good to go! So, if you feel like trying a relaxed look for the day, wear a bolo! If you are feeling a little too patriotic for the day, wear a marine corps bolo tie! There is a bolo for every mood. 

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