Meticulous planning and a lot of effort go into a wedding. And you don't complain because your wedding day is special; you want to leave no stone unturned to make it even more memorable. For those soon to be brides and grooms who have a little country flair, wouldn't it be nice if you could incorporate the west into your wedding? If you think a cowboy dress code will be a little too much, we have a few classy ways to add western details to your big day!

So, order premium bolo tie supplies and break into those chic boots to prepare for your very graceful western-theme wedding. We will start with the attire.

The Wedding Attire

1. For the Bride

The bride is the star of the wedding. She walks down the aisle, and all eyes are on her.

Look for a western-style inspired wedding gown that makes you feel confident and comfortable and looks gorgeous on you. Something that has a vintage feel to it will suit the theme perfectly. You can add more character with laces.

Then comes accessorizing! Silver concho bolo ties with intricate designs fit the bill just right. Yes, even the bride can adorn a bolo. You can even opt for a custom-made bolo. In fact, you can order bolo tie supplies and make your own. That can be your 'somethingnew'!

To complete the bridal look, slip into a pair of high-end western boots that complement the dress. You can pick something with a splash of color.

Your bridal ensemble will surely awe the guests and your groom.

2. For the Groom

Even if your man does not want to wear a cowboy hat, he can easily add western flair to his wedding attire.

A premium dress shirt, county style sports coat, nicely-fitted jeans, and cowboy boots- and the groom looks classy without overdoing the western theme. For summer weddings, choose a lightweight microfiber sports coat that gives the feel of leather and is suited for outdoor weddings.

Bolo ties enhance the western attire's elegance by bringing a rugged yet refined accent. So, ditch the bow tie and go for a sterling silver bolo, embracing the western chic. Like your bride, you can also go the bolo tie do-it-yourself way!

The bridesmaids and groomsmen should also style their attire in sync with the western theme. Think cowgirl boots for the bridesmaids and western leather vests for the groomsmen. Both can accessorize with handmade bolo ties.

The Wedding Venue

The venue and decor play a significant role in setting the tone of your wedding. Pick a rustic country location- a barn or a lodge is perfect for a West-inspired wedding in the summer.

The Wedding Bouquet

Wildflowers with a lot of green will add the country charm to your wedding bouquet arrangements. Sunflowers, daisies, hydrangea, and baby's breath are some favorite picks. Warp the boutonnieres and bouquets with burlap or twine for a more authentic feel. The delicate aesthetic exuded by the flowers with the natural textures will look country chic.

Wedding preparations take time. Start early to ensure every little detail is nothing but perfection. So, order bolo tie supplies wholesale from our online store and start making awesome custom bolos for your special day.