Add a Slice of the Midwest to Your Wardrobe with Bolo Ties

Wearing bolo ties is not a very recent phenomenon. The idea of using a toggle to securely tie a neck scarf has been in existence since the early 1900s. Even Native American tribes like the Hopi and the Navajo made their own bolo ties in the 1930s and 40s. However, even though the exact origin is not clear, according to some sources, this quintessential American accessory can be traced back to the 1940s when a silversmith in Arizona accidentally came up with it. Victor E. Cedarstaff had wrapped his hatband with a silver clasp around his neck, which lead to his friends complimenting his "new tie". Inspired by this rather fascinating event, Cedarstaff later created a whole range of bolo ties that were decorated with silver tips and turquoise stones. He named his new creation bola tie, which was a name he adapted from the boleadoras cords that were used by cowboys in Argentina.

How to wear it
Once synonymous with cowboys and country men, today the bolo tie is migrating away from its Midwestern roots and is being embraced as a part of men’s everyday wear. If you are feeling adventurous and experimental, ditch your regular tie and try on a bolo tie instead. Here are some ways in which you can wear a bolo tie:

With a formal shirt
This is the most basic way to wear the bolo tie. You need to button your shirt all the way up and put on the bolo tie like you would a normal tie. Do not forget to tighten the clasp to make the look more crisp and clean.

With a casual shirt
If you can pull it off, a bolo tie with a casual shirt makes for quite the look. Keep the top button of your shirt undone and put on the tie. Do not tighten it like you would do with a formal shirt. Let it remain a little loose.

With a suit
Channel your inner John Travolta and put on your bolo tie with a business suit. With the suit,the tie needs to be fastened. However, remember to choose a tie that is not too loud and blends in with the rest of your outfit. Otherwise, it might stand out and make you look slightly garish.
The bolo tie is versatile and can be worked for a host of different looks and occasions. You can also design your own bolo ties. Check out our website to get your own personalized bolo ties.