How to Make Awesome Bolo Ties At Home

If you want to ace a western look consider including a bolo tie to your outfit. These ties go with both formal as well as informal wear and help you make a bold statement with your outfit that makes heads turn around as you walk by. Bolo ties have even made it to the red carpet with various hotshot stars making appearances in these. Once associated with the Native American culture, bolo ties have become a trendy accessory. You may buy the ties but what if we tell you that you can even make your own bolo tie? All you have to do is shop for some bolo tie supplies, including bolo tie tips, cords, and slides, and let the fun begin! Once you are done, your friends will definitely want a custom made bolo for themselves as well.  

Here is how you go about making a bolo tie:

1. Bolo ties consist of a bolo slide, braided leather cord, a metal bolo tie tip, and decorative stone. The decorative stone is to be placed on the slide which rides up and down using a leather cord. Ends of the cord are to be secured using a metal bolo tie tip. Have all the bolo tie supplies in place before you start. Other things that you should have handy are a pair of scissors, pliers, metal file, and an adhesive or glue.

2. Start by deciding the adequate length of the cord. If you do not want to braid a leather cord get an already braided one. Put the leather cord around your neck to find out the perfect length for your bolo tie. If the cord is too long cut it at the right length.

3. Check if the cording fits the holes of the bolo slide perfectly. Try bending the metal a bit to make it fit perfectly. Smoothen out the bumps if any on the bolo slide where the cord will pass through it with the help of a metal file.

4. Glue the decorative stone to the bolo slide with the help of a jewelry glue or adhesive and leave it alone for some time so that it dries completely. Before gluing the stone make sure that its back is smooth or flat. The uneven surface would not work for bolo ties.

5. When the glue finally dries, you may start putting the tie together. Slide both ends of the cord through the slide and proceed with carefully tightening the bends of the bolo slide using pliers. The slide should be tight enough to ensure that the thing stays in place and at the same time may be adjusted easily. Attach the bolo tie tips using a bit of adhesive and insert the leather cord into the tips.

And it is done! Try on your custom made bolo tie to check how it turned out. You may even make bolo ties for your family and friends. Choose from a variety of designs and colors. Add beads to the bolo tie tips or braid two different colors of leather cords together for that extra flair.

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