Classic Vs. Casual Bolo Ties- How to Rock Each Style Effortlessly? 

Have you ever seen one of your favorite celebrities sport a statement piece that made you go, “where can I get one of those? Where can I buy a bolo tie and a pinstripe double-breasted set?”; because if you have, we share the same inquisitiveness. Personalized bolo ties are absolutely stunning, especially if you know how to pair it right. Being one of the infamous vintage styles that have still stuck around, bolo ties today have an aura of elegance lingering around it. However, if you don’t pair it the right way, you can end up making a bolo tie blunder.

How not to make a bolo tie blunder?

The answer is simple! Follow the fashion gurus and let them set the stage for you. If you’re into the latest fashion trends of today, you must have noticed how bolo styles change with the type of attire you wear. This brings us to the two types that there is- the classic and the casual. The difference lies in the way you pair your bolo with your outfit. For instance,

If you have the classic look in mind, here’s what you need to make sure-

  • Pair it with collared up, buttoned-down shirts
  • Black or silver bolo ties with a thin gold strip is the usual classic go-to color
  • Choose the right length. Don’t let it hang too low or too close. The ideal length is supposed to be 4 inches below the breastbone.
  • Match your footwear with your bolo and be sure to make it formally chic. Formal shoes, closed toes and stiletto pumps work great.

On the other hand, if you want to try the casual bolo look, here are a few tips on that too-

  • Give yourself a wild-west vibe with a matching denim jacket and jeans. A pair of rugged boots and a loose bolo tie will fit right in.
  • Turn your bolo into a necklace. If you’re rocking a cute sweetheart neckline kind of date-night dress, a loose bolo tie could be the perfect neckpiece.
  • If you have a vibrant bolo tie collection, pair it with your neutral outfits to add some oomph in your ensemble. In fact, you can even go for deep earthy tones with a radiant bolo tie accessorizing your ‘OOTD’ outfit perfectly.

With all the style tips researched and ready to be implemented, we still have one last question to discuss- where to get a bolo tie that can make heads turn? Well if you’re looking for stores that sell bolo ties, you couldn’t have come to us at a better time. We have the dream collection, articulately categorized and cataloged for you right here.