Bolo Ties: A Thing of Fashion for Men

It is amazing to witness the often-centralized bolo tie making way from its southwest roots to an everyday men’s fashion accessory. It consists of a strap and an ornamental clasp that usually recalls southwest culture. Although bolo ties originated the style in the mid-20th century, they have now become a thing of fashion. With many celebrities like Pharrell Williams, Bruno Mars, Macklemore and Philip Rivers wearing them for numerous occasions; it’s about time you too start looking for mens western bolo ties.

Here are a few ways to wear a bolo tie

Embrace the unique look

The best thing about wearing a bolo tie is that you can embrace its unique style and wear it as it’s meant to be worn like any other tie. Keep your confidence high while you button your shirt all the way up, tighten the claps and command the style your way.

Go casual with this amazing style

You can look for western animal ties and choose the casual way. All you need to do with this style is undo your top’s button and wear the tie more loosely around your neck, and even still under the collar. This is probably half bolo-tie happy hour, half jewelry, but no doubt you can pull it off like any fashion freak.

An any-time accessory

How about you pitch for a Macklemore look and choose a tank top and pair it with any kind of jacket? There is no denying that you can pull off this unique look anytime you require.

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