Keeping it Casual with Bolo Ties

If you’re keeping yourself abreast of the latest red carpet trends, you’d know how bolo ties made quite a comeback off-late. The recent red carpet galas saw some of the best bolo ties paired in with fitted tuxes and double-breasted suits which got us wondering- are bolos just a formal accessory? With a quick look into the trend-setting fashion logbook, we found out 5 perfect ways for you to pair your bolo tie with casual attire. 

Let us fill you in on how to transform your regular outfits into casual chic using bolo ties -

1. The fashion blogger style- 

Fashion bloggers are all about pairing unique contrasts and making them work like a pro. We are talking about traffic-stopping wardrobe combinations; jaw-dropping accessorized ensembles; elaborate accessories to go with the ensembles- you get the gist! This means, that the unique stone-encrusted bolo tie you’ve been saving for a special event need not be tucked away for too long. You can simply pair a sterling silver or turquoise bolo with an everyday white shirt-black pants combo.

2. The double denim combo- 

The double denim combo is one of the prominent ‘chic-hipster’ outfit ideas that’s ruling the ‘contemporary street look’ for quite some time now. To take your casual-chic street style one step further, fashion influencers are now pairing their jeans and their denim jackets with a suave bolo tie. Imagine a Native American sterling silver piece complimenting your embroidery-back denim jacket. 

3. The bolo tie wedding look- 

Weddings are all about tuxes and black coats for men, but when it comes to women, the options are endless. Maybe that cute little black dress in lace could be a head-turner tonight. Or maybe, you’ll pull out You’re a game and go for that deep-cut body-con A-line dress! Whatever your choice is, a ‘bow-lo’ tie wrapped around your neck could be the perfect example of elegant chic. Simply wrap a bow with your bolo tie and pair this look with some tassel earrings and a mean lean high heel. 

4. The suspender pair- 

This is especially for all the men out there who are bold enough to rock a suspender and fit-trouser look. Instead of going for the same ol’ bow tie, this time maybe you could try something more eccentric. How about a stunning emerald bolo tie or an antique-finish bolo tie to accentuate the ‘dapper-ness’ of your outfit? 

5. The Coachella attire- 

The Coachella attire is almost similar to the fashion blogger style and is perfect for the peeps who enjoy music gatherings, rock concerts, flower tiaras, and slit summer maxi-dresses. If you’re a fashion buff, by now you know what we mean by ‘Coachella attire’. In fact, the extravagantly chic hipster outfit could be the perfect companion to your White Calcite bolo ties. 

Bolo ties could be yet another old-is-gold fashion trend brought back to life and if you’re yet to jump on this fashion bandwagon- we say give our irresistible bolo ties a quick thought! For every other style choices, a wide collection from our exclusive bolo tie shop is always open for you.